Ever dreamed of owning your own private paradise island? If you’ve got a few million quid to spare, now’s your chance.


Image (© © Riginos Realty)
Riginos Realty, a specialist Mediterranean real estate company, is selling the exquisite Greek isle of Agia Trias, presenting millionaire buyers with a rare chance to live out their desert island fantasies.

For the asking price, the lucky buyer will take ownership of the 13 acre isle in the Gulf of Evia, which lies just 1,200 metres from mainland Greece and just 90 minutes from Athens.

They will also receive a sea-facing four bedroom villa, a two bedroom staff house, a 17th century Venetian watchtower and their own church into the bargain.

And that’s not all. Agia Trias – the name means Holy Trinity – also features a grove of 350 olive trees, pistachio trees and two private beaches.

The waters around the island idyll are said to be perfect for swimming, canoeing, water skiing, paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing. Sounds heavenly.

All you need now is a speedboat.