Nigel is back with its British owner four years after he went missing from his California home – but speaks a different language.


An African Grey parrot

An African grey parrot. File Pic

A parrot that spoke English when it disappeared from its California home four years ago has been reunited with its owner – but it now speaks Spanish.

Nigel, an African grey parrot, was reunited last week with his owner, Darren Chick, a Briton who lives in Torrance.

When it disappeared Nigel spoke English “with a British accent”, according to the Daily Breeze newspaper.

“He’s doing perfect,” Mr Chick told the newspaper.

“It’s really weird. I knew it was him from the minute I saw him.”

The reunion was facilitated by Teresa Micco, a veterinarian who has running ads for months for her own missing bird, Benjamin.

When she was contacted by somebody who had found a bird, Ms Micco realised it was not her bird and tracked down the actual owner.

Mr Chick says the reunion brought tears of joy to his eyes, despite the fact that Nigel bit him when he first tried to pick him up.

It is not known where Nigel was for the past four years, and Mr Chick said he does not know how the bird went from speaking English to speaking Spanish.

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